Welcome to KotoWorld Singapore-pool server
  • This is Koto mining pool good for Southeast-Asian, Oceanian and near Singapore countories. Everyone welcome!
  • Now in trial fee 0.1%. (Until Feb 21.)Only 1% fee.
  • Thank you for joining the trial days! I will hold some events again, please wait!
  • You can mine with these command.
Win : minerd.exe -a yescrypt -o stratum+tcp://sg.kotoworld.work:15102 -u [k1/jz address]
Linux : ./minerd -a yescrypt -o stratum+tcp://sg.kotoworld.work:15102 -u [k1/jz address]
Workers : [k1/jz address] -> [k1/jz address].[worker name]
15102 : Port number, you can change according to your cpu. See Getting Started.

Global Stats
11 Miners
32.45 KHash/s
Pools / Coins
11 Miners
32.45 KHash/s